Early childhood, years between 3 to Pre School, are the formative years of every individual and build the foundation of future education. Initial learning years are the most impressionable ones and Pre-Primary Education is an imperative part of every child’s life. Keeping in view the requirement of young adults, we have designed a Pre-Primary Curriculum which is designed with utmost care and consideration.

  • We focus on social, physical, cognitive, linguistic and creative development of kids.
  • We are focused on nurturing motor and sensory skills of little minds.
  • We utilize numerous teaching aids such as audio-visual aids, toys and games, and interactive teaching material to encourage cognitive thinking among students.
  • We cater to the education need of students without compartmentalization of subjects, with multiple physical activities, and with numerous art and craft activities, with the aim of shaping a healthy and wholesome personality of each child.

All the above steps are taken by prioritizing the day-to-day care of the toddlers. We provide a save and secure space to each child so that they feel at home within our premise. Our Pre-Primary Section is prepared with an ocean of love and sensitivity to offer a wholesome environment for each kid.